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With HYSTERIA running loose out in the world, she continues to collect patients and spread madness like a disease, maybe now more so than ever. Crazy or sane, she locks her victims up, listening to their stories and memorizing their words. Nothing makes her happier than the drama in the psych ward, and at the end of the day-- only after she's sucked the patients dry of their memories and dreams--does she curl up in Ward C and start to compose. Today, she ended up in Boston and decided to pay SHUWPF Alum, Mike Mehalek a visit.

And now he too, is tragically locked up with nowhere to go--nowhere to look--but outside the asylum window.

The Asylum Window
Mike Mehalek, Spring of '98

Peering down,
An oak tree,
a lamp post,
a person
cast their shadows on the sidewalk
from the morning sun.

Dew sparkles,
a car speeds,
a man smokes.
All eventually disappear.
Peering down.

i see two girls' joking laughter
i see the grass' fresh odors
i see the love of a warm kiss
i see the love of father and son
i see the love of two best friends
Peering down.
 i cannot hear their laughter,
          only buzzing lights.
i cannot smell the grass nor taste a soda,
          only the foul scent of urine.
i cannot feel love
i cannot feel love
i cannot feel love
          only see it,
Peering down.

BIO: Mike Mehalek (aka Tricky) is a country boy adapting to life in the big city, and is a writer of thriller, horror, literary, and flash fiction.

In 2008 Mike graduated from the Writing Popular Fiction program at Seton Hill University with his thesis Only Human, an urban dark fantasy, soon to be released. 

You can check out at an excerpt of Only Human on his blog here, and follow him on Twitter @mikemehalek.

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