Wednesday, July 22, 2020


Good Afternoon, Poets and Poetry Lovers!

Today in the Madhouse, I'm thrilled to share with you the TOC and cover reveal for the HWA Poetry Showcase Vol. 7. We had a ton of wonderfully dark and delicious submissions this year--over 120!-- which made the competition terribly intense, so I want to take a moment to thank all of you who submitted to the anthology; it was, and remains, a true honor to read your work. I also want to send out a special thanks to Carina Bissett and Gwendolyn Kiste for all their hard work and insight as judges--as always, it was wonderful working with you ladies!--and to Robert Payne Cabeen, who not only provided us with a beautiful poem, but who provided the cover art for the showcase this year. Bob's artwork is always absolutely stunning and I'm thrilled showcase his talents in this respect, too.

I also wanted to highlight our top three poets this year, whose work will be featured in a separate spotlight courtesy of the HWA Poetry Blog: Sarah Read, K.P. Kulski, and Sara Tantlinger.  Congratulations!

Below is the TOC (although the order will be slightly adjusted upon print):

  1. I Am the Emptiness by Chad Stroup
  2. Brotherhood by Marge Simon
  3. Call the CCC, Your Psychic Repair Team by Donna J. W. Munro
  4. The Line by Frank Coffman
  5. I Am the Corruption by Stephanie Ellis
  6. We Live Through This by Lisa Morton
  7. Arachnid by Michael Bailey
  8. Orange by Alexander P. Garza
  9. The End of the World by John Claude Smith
  10. Leisureville by G.O. Clark
  11. Monsters Bleed by Naching T. Kassa
  12. The Crows Belonged to Me by Corey Niles
  13. The Witch Who Eats Your Children by Ingrid L. Taylor
  14. The Siege by Kyla Lee Ward
  15. Smile by Jordan Shiveley
  16. The High Woman of Lowland Morgue by David E. Cowen
  17. Shatter by K. P. Kulski
  18. Retourne by Lee Murray
  19. Haunted Basin by Roni Rae Stinger
  20. Dementia by Pamela K. Kinney
  21. Leaving Home by Steve Rasnic Tem
  22. Transubstantiation by Loren Rhoads
  23. Her Heart that Flames Would Not Devour by Ashley Dioses
  24. Shades of Domesticity by Sumiko Saulson
  25. Caligari by Kelly Robinson
  26. People Trees by Joanna Parypinski
  27. Ghost Walk (Nirgal Vallis, Mars) by Ann K. Schwader
  28. Blood, Brain by Donna Lynch
  29. Red, Red, Red by Annie Neugebauer
  30. Walking Sam by Owl Goingback
  31. Are Monsters Born This Way by Jessica Stevens
  32. Fairyglass Reflections by Miriam H. Harrison
  33. When First You Wooed Me by Gerri Leen
  34. My Grandmother's Mirror by Garrett Boatman
  35. The Metallurgist's Dream by Colleen Anderson
  36. Sunset in Hungary by Kenall Krantz
  37. Dance by Robert Payne Cabeen
  38. It Feels Like Terrie Leigh Relf
  39. The Midnight Game by Cynthia Pelayo
  40. Mother Yolk by Sarah Read
  41. Throat Stars by Sara Tantlinger
  42. They Slumber by Teel James Gleen
  43. Crossroads Conjure by Kerri-Leigh Grady
  44. Le Fille Inconnue de la Monde by Janna Grace
  45. Haunted by Christina Sng
  46. Curtains by Michael Arnzen
  47. Distorted Lies by R.J. Joseph
  48. Summoning Spell: Persephone at the Gates of Winter by Saba Syed Razvi
  49. Riding the Exhale by Angela Yuriko Smith
  50. Lullaby for Imminently Murdered Children by Mercedes M. Yardley 


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