Thursday, September 16, 2010

When a Writer Tries to do Photography

Writing will always be my number one love in life, but art is a pretty close second...and lately, it keeps trying to take our the writing side of me.  So this year, I decided to take Black and White Photography as my final studio class because photography has always interested me greatly, and I thought it would be pretty cool to work in a dark room.  Needless to say... I probably should just stick to a pencil and paper.

Now, taking the pictures isn't really the problem; even though I didn't load it properly the first time. But I have a pretty creative eye and have a few photographs published and what not...but this developing your own film, is frankly....scary.  I epically failed tonight while I was locked in the pitch black room trying to load my film. The reel broke, I didn't use the can opener right, mixed the wrong chemicals together (creating the WORST smell possible), only to realize that for some reason the last 7 photographs I took just didn't decide to turn out.  So my role of negatives kind of exists but not really. HA, and to think, in a half hour, I have to go back down and try to work on my contact I'm going to need all the prayers in the world for this one.

I'm going to try and stay positive about this best friend took the class last year and pretty much saved me today (!), and I think I'm going to take another roll of film this weekend and try the process over again next week.  I really want to have a line of black and white photographs to go with some of my poetry when I try to get my chapbook that's one reason not to give up to soon!

BUT, what does this have to do with horror you ask?  I don't know...I only know I want to take scary pictures to go with my poems, but here is one artist I found that I think you folks might enjoy ;)
Enter at your own risk

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