Thursday, September 16, 2010

Currently Reading: Writers Workshop of Horror

"You can tell that the author was wearing a twisted little grin as he or she wrote the blood-drenched decapitation scene."- Jeff Strand, Chapter 14 (128)

I really liked this particular chapter, because as horror writers, we def. need to learn how to lessen things up so our readers don't run away screaming or jump out of a window or something.  Sure, most of the time it is really morbid humor that gives people like us a grim grin, but nevertheless, its a necessity.Although, I for one, was never a fan of the dead baby jokes...
I liked what Strand had to say about using humorous dialogue as a way to make your character more likable and sympathetic to the reader.  I know when I read his piece (first without the humor, and then with the humor), I was really surprised with the different tones/feelings that I picked up -- I really did feel more for the character, and in more depth as well.  For example, yeah we see him as suicidal, but we also see the side of him that doesn't want people to be burdened by what he is going to do (i.e. when he covers the bathroom with garbage bags).
After I read this, Zombieland was the only thing that I could think of.  That movie balances horror and humor in such a hysterical, grotesque way, that horror fans have no choice but to love it.  Same with Shawn of the Dead -- when he picks up the zombie's head while it is trying to eat him just to get a picture...classic!

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