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26 Writing Tips for 26 Years

Last year for my 25 th birthday, I wrote a blog post containing 25 lessons that I'd learned so far living as a writer. This time around, I decided to challenge myself by coming up with 26 tips that I’ve learned in the past year as I’ve continued to publish, edit, and work like the madwoman I am. Hopefully these will be as helpful to you as they were/are for me! 1.       Create a submission log so you know what stories/poems are out in the world. Include the date, market, title, whether it’s been accepted or rejected, and whether you are waiting for payment or have already been paid. Also, print out all of your contracts and keep them in a binder so if you ever have any questions or notice a discrepancy, you’ll have it at easy access. 2.       Keep all of your receipts. Even if you’re not making enough to do a tax write-off yet, start learning how to function as a businessman/businesswoman. It's good to know what you’re spending, and knowing that number will help you eva


  "Love is in the air. And it's opening the gates to Hell."   An Exorcism of Angels coming this May from Raw Dog Screaming Press Last summer, I confessed my sins to the Devil and sold my soul at a crossroads in the country, trading everything and everyone I had all for a chance at love. I saw many things in Heaven, made lots of friends in Hell, and I learned how to exorcise angels, how to embrace and accept sin. This May, I’m giving you, my readers, a taste of my Heaven and of my Hell, but for all of April, I’m painting crosses on your foreheads and teaching you how to pray... Wytovich style . Check in to the MADHOUSE every Tuesday next month where some days I’ll give you penance, and others…well… you’ll just have to wait and see. After all, half the fun of sinning is seeing what you can get away with.   So I ask you...   Will you sin with me? -Stephanie M. Wytovich Lust Greed Envy Wrath Pride Envy Sloth