Thursday, March 8, 2018


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Today in the Madhouse, I'm happy to participate in the cover reveal for my dear friend Matt Betts and his new book The Boogeyman's Intern. This delicious tale is scheduled for a release date of June 1st 2018.

Back of the Book Summary:

Not everyone lands their dream job.

Take Abe: He’s bottomed out as an Imaginary Friend and has to find a new job before his bosses assign him a truly crappy one. Just as he’s about to resign himself to a life of making toys in a workshop, he’s given a reprieve—of sorts.

Now he has the opportunity to be the first policeman on the Hill and solve an impossible murder. For assistance he ropes in his career counselor, a Bigfoot, and his best friend, a Boogeyman. The job requires him to talk to Tooth Fairies, Leprechauns, Yetis and everything else humanity has dreamt up over the years. None of them offer any clues, but since Abe’s supervisors are Mother Nature, Father Time and Death, he can’t just give up and walk away.

Dream job? Dream on.

Some More Explanation:

The Boogeyman’s Intern takes a light-hearted look at things that go bump in the night. These days it’s a mashup world and Betts is spot on as a culture DJ of sorts. He’s quite at home mixing old legends and new for the delight of modern readers. Add in a mystery and lots of quirky characters and you have a tasty recipe for offbeat fun.

Betts envisions a place for all our mythological characters to return to once they’ve fulfilled their part in the human realm. The Hill is home to all sorts of Imaginaries and usually they get along quite well. In fact, Imaginaries don’t die, and they’ve never even needed police, until now. The discovery of a murder has turned The Hill on its head. The Boogeyman’s Intern is a bit like Monsters Inc. for adults. Fans of Christopher Moore and Terry Pratchett will especially enjoy a visit to The Hill.

Some Early Praise for the Book:

“What starts out as a quirky tale about a burnt-out Imaginary Friend turns into a locked room murder mystery for a creature that cannot die. An entertaining mash-up of Monsters Inc. and Chinatown in a world populated by Bigfoot, Tooth Fairies, and Boogeymen. Perhaps, the start of its own genre: Imagin-noire.” —Josef Matulich, author of Camp Arcanum

“Betts injects equal shots of wit and humor into a genre that often takes itself too seriously, all while never jeopardizing what makes it unique. With deft prose and sharp dialogue, this book is a refreshing take on the fantastical.” —Tim McWhorter, author of Bone White and Blackened

“Written with his characteristic humor and heart, Matt Betts illuminates the characters who appear in both our dreams and our darkest nightmares. Quite simply, he’s done it again.” —Mercedes M. Yardley, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of Nameless: The Darkness Comes

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