Sunday, December 3, 2017


It's that time of year again. The weather is colder, the madness of Black Friday has passed, and Krampus is checking his list, not once, but twice. So for all of you out there shopping for the delightfully macabre, here are a few options to consider during the holiday. Also, for those local to the Pittsburgh area, check out the new curiosity shop in Allentown. It's called The Weeping Glass and it is simply astounding and filled with the most charming collection of odd things. They're also on Instagram, too, for those out-of-town who would like to check out their collection of unusual gifts and ephemera. Honestly, I can't recommend them enough. 

1. Paperbacks from Hell: The Twisted History of '70s and '80s Horror Fiction by Grady Hendrix. This book is a huge jackpot for readers, writers, and enthusiasts alike. With story summaries, cover art, and author tales and biographies, this is the gift that keeps on giving. 

2. Skull Planter: For the witch, naturalist, or herbalist in your group, this curious little planter will help you discover your green thumb... or allow you to bury your secrets. Whichever.

3. Classic Horror Movie Scarf: Who doesn't like to massacre the dropping temperatures with their favorite monster icons?

4. Edgar Allan Poe and Raven Enamel Pin Set: I don't know about you, but I already have four ravens tattooed on me, so I think it's time for something new to express my love of Poe and his stories. This adorable pin set certainly does the trick!

5. A subscription to Rue Morgue or Fangoria: Sure, we'd all like to have a psychic connection or some mystical energy that slips into our brains to keep us current and up-to-date with our favorite happenings in the scene, but sometimes we need help. Subscriptions to these magazines certainly get us where we need to be.

6. Slash Cards: Because we like to share our thrills and favorite kills, this horror movie trivia game is a can't miss for horror fans.

7. Norman Bates, Pop Funko: Did mother tell you to buy this? If so, you should probably listen to her. She's been known to have a bit of a temper when she doesn't get what she wants for Christmas.

8. Normal People Scare Me Coffee Mug: Not a morning person? Of course you're not! You're a child of darkness. Cheers to moonlight. 

9. Night of the Living Dead, The Criterion Collection: A classic to appease any film buff. 

10. Feeding Hannibal: A Connoisseur's Cookbook: Budding chef in the family or among friends? Who better to teach cooking than the master himself? This gift pairs well with some fava beans and a nice chianti. 

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