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Next up in my HWA Poetry Showcase Interview series, is Corrine De Winter. Please take a few moments to read through her words, learn about her process, and see what is next on her to-do list! Welcome to THE MADHOUSE, Corrine.

How did you hear about the poetry showcase? 
I have been a member of HWA for some years now.

What  is the title of you poem? Why did you decide to submit that particular piece?
"Always The Black and White Keys"-  The poem speaks of heartbreak, which we've all experienced, and how difficult it is to sometimes let go- Death takes over and we are at a loss, but the heart muddles through it.

What is your process like for writing poetry? 
A line will come to me usually that I can build off of- Reading excellent poetry really helps with meter and cadence, of course. I hardly ever sit down for the sole purpose of writing a poem- if they don't come organically I do not force them. 

Who are some of your poetic influences?
My absolute favorite is Conrad Aiken- so intense that you feel you have been deeply pulled into a trance of sorts, at least for me. Also love Anne Sexton,  Sylvia Plath, Muriel Rukeyser, Anna Akhmatova, James Merrill- hmm, trying to think of living people now, ha haa- Frank Bidart, David St. John, Andrew Harvey, Mary Jo Bang, among lots of others. 

Who are you reading now and who/what are you looking forward to reading for the remainder of the year?
I am reading a book "Above the Dreamless Dead" a book on World War 1 Poetry & comics. And "The Sacred Magic of Abramelin The Mage" (S.L. Mathers)  Very interesting....
Looking forward to reading AYESHA by H. Rider Haggard (this is a series that began with SHE, just finished "Wisdom's Daughter", also a part of the Ayesha story)  (I guess I tend to read older stuff!)
Patrick Mc Grath's books are great too and I have to catch up on those. I have been reading & studying quite a bit about Life After Death, and the realms beyond lately. 

Are you currently working on anything that you want to announce? Has anything of yours recently been published that you would like to talk about?
I'm ready to find a market for my new Oracle Deck (just about finished) and a book I've co authored with Denise Dumars, a paranormal romance involving Lord Byron. I released a book in February "The Sensitive Soul's Guide To Waking Up" , a slice of life book. I also have a new Poetry Manuscript "The Undertaker's Daughter" that needs a home (if anyone can turn me onto one!) 

I am the host of Supernatural Radio Show on and focus on Mediums, Paranormal & supernatural subjects. We've done everything from channeling Kurt Cobain to EVP's and much more. 

Author Bio:

Nominated four times for the Pushcart Prize, Corrine De Winter's poetry, fiction, essays and interviews have appeared worldwide in publications such as the The New York Quarterly, Yankee, Sacred Journey, Atom Mind, The Writer, and over 900 other publications. She has been the recipient of awards from  Triton College of Arts & Sciences, Writer's Digest, The Esme Bradberry Award, The Madeline Sadin Award, The Rhysling Award, The Bram Stoker Award, and has been featured in Poet's Market 1995-2016. Her work is featured in the much praised collections Bless the Day, Heal Your Soul, Heal the World, Get Well Wishes, Essential Love, The Language of Prayer , Mothers And Daughters, and in Bedside Prayers, now in its 20th printing.

Ms. De Winter is a member of HWA (Horror Writer's Association), and the founder of SMALL WORLD FUND FOR CHILDREN.  She has studied the paranormal & supernatural for 28 years, including many tours with Ed & Lorraine Warren.

De Winter is the author of 9 collections of poetry, prose & fiction including "The Sensitive Soul's Guide to Waking Up", Valentines For the Dead (fiction), Like Eve, The Half Moon Hotel, and Touching The Wound, which sold over 3000 copies in its first year, "The Women At The Funeral", winner of the 2004 Bram Stoker Award for superior achievement in poetry, and "Tango In The 9th Circle." (Dark Regions Press, Stoker nominated "VIRGIN OF THE APOCALYPSE" & “Venus Intervention”
Her latest project is "The Uncommon Destination Oracle Card Deck."

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