Sunday, November 23, 2014


Rise and shine, darling ones!

This morning, I have a treat for you. A show and tell if you will.

Before I started publishing horror, I wrote erotica. Sometimes I wrote it under my name, most of the time I didn't, but I always found it fun to write and I'm glad to be doing it again...even though not all of my clientele are exactly making it out these days. What can I say? The times have changed and my girls have tempers, and while some brothels play with feathers, we prefer to spice things up with knives.

What's a dead body between sisters anyways?
I feel the experience just makes our little family stronger.

So last time, I invited you to the Peepshow, but today, I'm extending an invitation to my BROTHEL Striptease. And in true burlesque fashion,  I plan to leave you with a picture in mind that raises more questions than it asks. Here are the titles of the next fifteen poems in my collection, and below it, well, that's a little something I wrote just for you.

Table of Contents cont.

16. Dance
17. Debauchery
18. Deeper
19. Die-sect
20. Drink Up, Lay Down
21. Eat Me
22. Ecstasy
23. Erotic Asphyxiation
24. Evening Girl
25. Evidence
26. Fame and Fortune
27. Flesh Notes
28. Flirtation
29. Foursome
30. French

"...and I've learned that lust is a little bit like love, and that love is nothing quite like lust, and when I close my eyes, I see his face, hear his voice, and every John I'm with helps me murder his memory a little more, and in some ways, that moment--no matter how long it lasts--is like becoming a virgin again."

Stephanie M. Wytovich
Madam XXX

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