Monday, February 25, 2013



When did you start writing? Why did you pick the genre you write it?

I started writing at a young age, mostly poetry. I didn't start writing fiction until college when I had a terrible experience with a boy. I've always said writing is a way to exercise my demons and he-who-shall-remain-nameless helped me realize it. At the time, I'd say my fiction was very centered on literary mainstream. Since then, my main genre focus is on Romance and Science Fiction (sometimes together, sometimes not.)

Where you get your ideas from? Do you journal at all?

My ideas come from everywhere but they are most often tied to music or lyrics. I take a healthy amount of my ideas from my crazy dreams and from asking myself a lot of "what if" questions.

Whats a normal (writing) day like for you?

Monday through Friday I write for a minimum of 2.5 hours or 1.5k words (whichever comes first) as soon as I am finished working the evil day job. On Saturdays and Sundays I try to leave the house by 8 and I'm gone until noon or 1 depending on how much other work I have to do (emails, blog posts, etc.). I always write in coffee shops, bookstores, or bars--if I stay home, the pressure to clean or do laundry or pet my dogs is too much and I get nothing on the page.

Favorite author or book? Who are you currently reading?

I have so many favorites. My all-time favorite is Douglas Adams. He blends brilliance with the silly flawlessly. I aspire to that. I also LOVE Gail Carriger, Maria V Snyder, James Dashner, Rick Riordan, Mercedes Lackey. I'm currently reading something steampunk but I'm not sure if I like it so the author and book shall remain a mystery.

Do you prefer writing poetry or prose? Why one over the other?

I find writing prose more enjoyable but writing poetry more satisfying. If that makes sense.

Do you write in silence or with noise (tv, movies, music)?

Not only do I need music to write, but I need the hustle and bustle of a public place as additional background noise and visual distraction.

Do you have any weird habits when it comes to writing?  Do you type or write longhand?

Besides needing to write somewhere other than my office? Not really. I prefer writing on a computer rather than long hand. I hate having to transfer words from paper to word doc.
Would you consider yourself a Plotter or a Pantser?

I'm a Pantser who wants desperately to be a plotter. I do both. I try and create an outline in a basic form that can guide and keep me on track. Inevitably, my characters start doing what they want about 40 pages in and the outline is out the window.

What do you think is the hardest aspect of the craft?

Translating what is so clear in my head into some sort of murky watered down word version on the page. Sometimes if all flows beautifully but most of the time it's painful and a little gross. Kind of like a really gooey sneeze.

Current projects?

Currently writing an adventure novel that I call a jaunt through my psyche. I foresee these characters encountering all things wonderful and frightening on their journey. It's been a blast to write so far. I am also editing a contemporary romance about a rock band and a writer called Bass Desires and hope to have that one finished soon.

How do you balance being an editor and being a writer? (Or double jobs, being a mom/dad, etc.- apply to your situation)

Precariously at best. To write full time, I've had to sacrifice personal time with the hubs and friends. I struggle with balance.

What do you think people expect from you with your writing?  EX: Can they always count on a good gross out?

You can always expect strong relationships in my books. I'm not talking about a romance, though that's often present. I'm talking about interpersonal relationships with family, friends, protagonist/antagonist, etc. Relationships, to me, are what make people interesting and make a book worth reading.

Advice for aspiring writers?

Ass in chair, fingers on keyboard. If you want to be a writer, stop talking about the future and do it already. You can't be a writer if you don't WRITE.

Bio: Deanna Lepsch is a jack-of-all-trades, writer/editor extraordinaire, and artsy-fartsy entrepreneur.  Her current focus is on developing her YA adventure romance white editing her work in progress. When she's not writing, she's sewing, modeling, tweeting, brewing and tasting beer. You can read about her adventures in brewing at Deanna was a contributing writer and co-editor to the Hazard Yet Forward Anthology and is an editor for Dog Star Books.


  1. Great interview, Deanna! You, Steph and JEL are making me wish I had even a modicum of poetry-writing ability. It sounds so cathartic, but I had a college class kind of squash it for me. Looking forward to seeing both of your WIPs. "Bass Desires" sounds great, and - if your HYF story is any indication - your YA Adventure/Romance will be awesome!

  2. Deanna, you and Jason have much of the same process--music, public places, go for hours. But he's a detailed plotter. ;)

    This was inspiring. Thank you for sharing.

    And, thanks for bringing us another wonderful writer, Steph!

    :) Heidi