Thursday, November 22, 2012



I started a project a while back where I would give you guys access to a free poem every time I got an addtional 50 followers on Twitter (@JustAfterSunset). Well, you guys have done it again, and now that I've reached 450 people (God bless their souls), I popped back into the Psych Ward to give you guys your medicine.

But I've decided to switch mediciations on you, and since I'm the nurse on duty tonight, you're going to just have to take my word that it will be good for you.

Now here's your pill.
Open your mouth and swallow it.

There will be no nightmares tonight, but there will be pain. And pleasure.
So keep your hands to yourself.

Stay Scared,
Stephanie M. Wytovich


The necklace choked me-
Black leather rubbed
My neck raw,
            Left the area
            Pink and tender-
He pulled on the leash,
Tugged me forward
And I followed quickly,
Ever the obedient slave

My hands were bound-
Wrapped in electrical tape,
My wrists sore,
            Folded behind
            My back-
They came together
In prayer, in plea-
Begging for a note,
A direction to play

My knees hit the floor-
Bare skin on carpet
It burned like hell,
            Made me wince,
            Got me hot-
The pain was weak,
But he was just starting,
Teasing me with sparks
Until he’d give me his fire
My lips parted-
Red lipstick smeared
Against a desperate mouth
            Moist breath,  
            Hot on my cheek-
I ached in need,
Screamed in want
Until he bit my tongue
And told me what to do

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