Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Sir John Edward of Lawson infected me (like I always knew he would,) and now it’s my turn to spread the disease. Basically, it involves searching for the first use of the word “look” in your work in progress, then pasting that paragraph, and those immediately before and after, on your blog, after which you spread the disease to five other authors.

EXCERPT from my novel: INSIDE OF ME
She closed her eyes and thought back to the summer nights when she used to watch him shoot in the back yard. Six shots. Dead center. Every time. The man was a machine, and if those empty beer cans had any say in the situation, they would have gotten a better job. Her dad might not have been much, but he was a good shot. She couldn’t say she was surprised when the cops told her that he died instantly. One bullet to the side of the head was all it took. Like she always knew, he was a good shot. 

Standing there in the darkness, she looked up at Jason’s house and wondered what her father thought about the moment before he pulled the trigger. His rage? His eagerness for death? Or did he think of her?  

Rhea gripped the gun a little harder and promised herself that she would be the last thing Jason thought of before he died.

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