Monday, July 16, 2012

Poetry Project: A is for Addict

Hey Everyone,

So in the midst of finishing up my poetry collection, Hysteria, I came across this piece on my hard-drive and figured I'd share. Hysteria is a compilation of pieces about obsessions, fetishes, abnormalities, and fantasies. It's about the place in the back of your head that you go to when life gets hard, and you need to hide. It's where diseases of the mind spread, and pain likes to grow. Hysteria doesn't judge, but it also doesn't sugar coat the monsters that live within each of us. 

Enjoy the tragedy. 

Stay Scared,
Stephanie M. Wytovich 


The 500 mg white pill
Subsides the inflammation
Dousing the flames in my lungs
While charred edges break off
Stabbing me in the side
While I gasp for air
And fight to breathe

The 60 mg blue capsule
Hides the blackness in my eyes
Masking the depression
And covering up the pain in my chest
It wipes away memories of failed suicides
And erases the cut marks on my inner thighs
Twice a day,
When I wake up,
When I go to bed,
And sometimes if I feel hungry for
The razor against my throat,
I’ll pop another one to make the demons go away

Hand in hand
My pills allow me live
To see another sunset
And close my eyes
Without a fear of dying in my sleep
But it is the larger white pill
75 mg
That prevents me from
Choking on my own vomit
And suffocating myself
Because my insides can’t digest food

My bed has essentially became a casket
That I lay in every night,
Hoping that my liver doesn't explode
My lungs hold out another day,
And that my stomach will do its job
So that my heart can keep beating,
So that I can keep breathing,
So that I can wake up another day
To take my pills, and move on

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  1. Youch!

    Oh dark poetry is so important. I sometimes go back into the external harddrives of madness to look over some of my own.

    Maybe I'll share some with you sometime. ;-p