Friday, May 25, 2012

Poetry Project: Dear Twitter Followers

Hello Friends, Family, and Ghouls!

I'm embarking on a poetry project and I'd love for you all to be a part of it! As most of you know, I'm working  on some very big (and scary) projects, and in a quest to get the word out and gain readers, I've been marketing myself a lot on twitter with updates, quotes, and random rants and ravings. So this is my outreach to all of you creepies and crawlies!

A few weeks ago, I decided that every 50th (maybe 25th if you guys are good!) follower of mine on twitter would get a poem dedicated to him/her on my blog as a way to say thank you for supporting me. My 300th follower was Tricia Leedom, a dear friend and college of mine! Tricia is a wonderful romance writer that I had the pleasure of meeting at Seton Hill University through the Writing Popular Fiction program and even though there is quite a war between us romance and horror folk, I tried to tie in the concept of love and romance into her poem....but I still think the character died. Oops! ;)

So here you go, Tricia! Hope you like it!

Heart Break

For years I pumped for you-
Kept you alive for him,
Like a machine spurting its oils
Grinding its gears in an automatic pace
So its project would never waver
Never falter from its job
But then like a wrench in the works
He came at you from the side,
With broken promises and lies
That turned on the waterworks
And poked a hole in my skin

It wasn’t until I sensed you breaking that
I felt the scarlet drops hit my valves,
Soundlessly at first,
But then the splinters turned to vicious cracks
With cherry rivers
Violently flooding my chambers
While arterial spray hit the walls
And smacked against my flesh coat

I tried…

But it got harder to work
With my veins twisted in his grasp
You watched as his words tied around
My ventricles with a crimson noose
That leaked rose waterfalls
As he strangled the life out of me

My world grew hazy,
As I wondered in this pinkish haze
Where the more he spoke
The deeper you hurt and
The closer I came to a complete break
As my atriums slowed their breaths and
Drowned in the ruby storms that attacked them

I was dying, 
And yet there you were
Just standing there,
Letting him kill you,
And I think in that moment
When he told you it was over
You forgot that if I died,
So did you 

© Stephanie M. Wytovich, 2012.

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