Tuesday, October 5, 2010

How I would deal with the Undead.

Scenario 1:
Ok, so I’m sitting at home and a loud siren (Silent hill style, at least in my imagination) goes off signaling the zombie apocalypse…what do I do? I’m hoping I wouldn’t take the pansy way out and kill myself, but if the situation got back enough, I think I would rather take myself out than have my brains eaten my zombies…just saying.
But, since I’m going to choose survival this would be my plan of action. I would grab my loved ones and zombie-proof the house as best as possible (board up windows, push furniture in front of doors, etc.). I’m assuming my bad ass of a father would have collected all of his hunting supplies (knifes, guns, crossbows, etc.) by now, and that my little mischievous of a brother would have taken to turning anything possible in the house into a weapon. My mom would be in charge of sheets, clothes, food  and other provisions…and I would be focused on getting matches, lighters, and pretty much anything flammable (but have our fire extinguisher just in case). I’m thinking that we would probably choose to migrate and live upstairs…but it’s totally important to DESTROY the stairs, and since zombies don’t really have a thought process, just a driving hunger, that should keep us safe for a while, until we can figure out something clever to do.
Unfortunately, if my family decided to go on a suicide mission and try to save us, or if one of them got bitten, I honestly believe that I would have to abide to the kill asap rule. I couldn’t chance a member infecting the rest of the group, and at that point, they aren’t your family anymore anyways. Would I stay with them until they turned? Def. not! You saw what happened in the first Resident Evil – that’s just a problem waiting to happen. Frankly, I think that in the event that this happened, that I would just turn into a terrible person, and protect my family at all costs. No one goes out and no one comes in. At least I say that hypothetically… because let’s say an event happens and a family member ends up outside…naturally I’m going to want to let them back in at all costs….so I’d probably die…
Truth be told, I don’t think I’d live long, haha.

Scenario 2:
 If I didn’t find out through a mass attack on my house and had some time to make an intelligent decision… I’m thinking the best situation would be to pile as much crap into our Blazer/perhaps our Jeep as well, and road trip it out to an extremely remote and isolated location…because let’s face it. If you’re in the city…you’re going to die. Providing that goes well…and taking some of the tactics from above…we would all sleep in shifts and Zombie hunt! My entire family was brought up hunting, so we all have a pretty decent shot and frankly I think some serious adrenaline rush mixed with fear of dying would employ me to be decent with a knife and anything flammable as well. If we had time and a good location… there is no sense in waiting around for a mass attack. Go out in the day in numbers, and kill as many as possible. Plus, everything can be turned into a weapon somehow, so if worse comes to worse, think creatively!

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