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Creating Strange Nests Out of Blackout Poetry: An Interview with Jessica McHugh

Hello friends and fiends, Today in the Madhouse, I'm sitting down with my pal Jessica McHugh and talking about her recent blackout poetry release, Strange Nests , which was formed/inspired by the novel The Secret Garden . If you haven't checked out her Bram Stoker award-nominated collection A Complex Accident of Life , you'll want to be sure to do that and check out this Madhouse Interview as well.  Lost in the garden,  Stephanie M. Wytovich SMW: What about The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Barnett called to you for this project? JM: It was a couple of weeks after my brother died. Except for meeting up with family to help clean out his room, I’d been holed up at home since he passed away from an overdose on January 11th. By the 25th, I was desperate to be around people again. So I went to my favorite bar, White Rabbit Gastropub, for some comfort. I was chatting with my bartender-turned-friendo Kahla Moon about potential books for my next collection--I wasn’t looking

October '21 Madhouse Recap

Hello Friends and Fiends— Blessed Samhain and Happy Belated Halloween! I’m writing to you after a month of shrieks, screams, chills, and haunts, and honestly, I’m sad to see it end (even if I do celebrate Halloween all year round!). I kicked off the month by drinking too much apple cider, eating some caramel apple slices (and okay, some candy apples), and doing some holiday baking—all of which, let’s be honest, I continued to do throughout the month only to top it off by seeing a shadow cast production of Rocky Horror Picture Show on Devil’s Night (which was also Apollo’s 5 th birthday!). This month, Dennis and I celebrated our 4 th wedding anniversary (5 th year together) by going up to Seven Springs for the day. We walked through their fall craft festival, shared some Halloween macaroons, and then rode the ski lift and took a beautiful walk together. We also treated ourselves to dinner at Polymath Park, Tree Tops Restaurant, which I seriously can’t recommend enough! The view?