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Hello there, friends and fiends,  Today in the Madhouse, we're cheering on one of our dearest friends and colleagues, Matt Betts , as he celebrates the release of Carson of Venus: The Edge of All Worlds, his first book in the Edgar Rice Burroughs universe. For more information on the book, and to read a short excerpt, see below! [And congrats again, Matt. This is so wonderful!] Synopsis/Info : The groundbreaking Edgar Rice Burroughs Universe launches with Carson of Venus: The Edge of All Worlds —the first in a series of all-new canonical novels expanding Edgar Rice Burroughs worlds of wonder and adventure! For the first time ever, softcover and hardcover editions, as well as a limited Collector’s Edition with a signed bookplate, will be available in a simultaneous release. When a mysterious enemy attacks his adopted nation of Korva, Earthman Carson Napier discovers his own arrival on Venus years ago may have unknowingly triggered the strike. The invaders’ trail of death


Hello and Good Morning, Everyone! I recently had the absolute pleasure of reading Deborah L. Davitt's collection,  The Gates of Never , and once I finished it, I knew I had to chat with her some more about the book. For those of you who might be unfamiliar it,   The Gates of Never  is a speculative collection that fuses history, mythology, and magic with futurism, science, and science fiction. Personally, I felt like I learned so much about mythology as I was reading these poems, and even with the stories that I was already familiar with, seeing how Davitt interpreted these myths or these creatures was really fun and it kept me turning the page fairly quickly as I anticipated what was next. But don't just take my word for it! Here's what others are saying about it: “With  The Gates of Never  Deborah Davitt   offers us a sumptuous exploration of the cosmic and the mythic, the historic and the familiar. Her lines hum with memory and imagination, forging a disti

HWA Poetry Showcase, Vol 7 Meet and Greet

Hello and Good Morning, Folks:  As most of you know, April is #NationalPoetry Month, and the Horror Writers Association (HWA) is opening submissions for the seventh installment of the HWA Poetry Showcase. The showcase will open on April 1st and run until May 31st and is open for HWA members only.  Full details to submit can be found  here . Note: I will be editing this year’s anthology alongside judges Gwendolyn Kiste and Carina Bissett. All types of poetry are welcome and encouraged, as well as all types of horror, although poems that elicit themes of child abuse/pedophilia, racism, homophobia, or transphobia will be immediately dismissed. So let’s meet the judges and have a little chat! WYTOVICH: When did you first get into poetry? If you remember the first poem/author you read, feel free to include it here. KISTE: The first poem I remember is definitely my dad reciting “The Raven” to me when I was very young. He actually started reading me Poe while my mom