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Hello Horror Feminists! Today in the MADHOUSE, I have the pleasure of interviewing Billie Sue Mosiman about her Bram Stoker Award -nominated anthology, Fright Mare-Women Write Horror . As we close out yet another wonderful year of # WomeninHorrorMonth , I invite you to check out these wonderful female writers, learn more about gender equality in the arts, and take a look at your reading list and see how you can diversify it.  For now though, grab another cup of coffee, take a seat, and revel with me in the madness. With screams for equality, Stephanie M. Wytovich WYTOVICH : Tell us about the anthology. What inspired you to take on a project that was focused on women writing horror? And how did you go about doing so, i.e. what was your thought process  like to make this project a reality? MOSIMAN: FRIGHTMARE-WOMEN WRITE HORRO R was born when one day I was reading some tables of content of various anthologies that had just been completed or published. I read the na

Developing Your Author Brand

There’s no denying that the publishing world is saturated, especially in the day and age of self-publishing and social media marketing, so how does one manage to stand out in the crowd and get their work—and themselves—noticed? While social media is an undeniable asset to the game, developing a strong author brand is also something that can help shine the light on you and your work. Your author brand will refer to the unique identity that you build through your writing and marketing presence. Essentially, you will be become your own walking-talking trademark or logo, and regardless of the market you’re working in (fiction, non-fiction, journalism, poetry, etc.), the following tips will help you find your voice and style as a writer, and then target readers who are interested and hungry for what you’re publishing: Do genre-oriented research. How are other writers in your genre marketing themselves? Research the websites of your favorite authors to see what they are do

AWP#17 Conference: Washington D.C. Con Report

This past weekend, I attended the AWP (Association of Writers and Writing Programs) Conference with Raw Dog Screaming Press and Anti-Oedipus Press . I signed books, fielded questions as RDSP’s poetry editor, answered questions about speculative fiction/poetry and got to meet and reconnect with a lot of wonderful and inspiring people.  My books   Brothel   and The Eighth  sold particularly well, and I'm not sure what to make of that, but it does make me smile a lot, and I hope their buyers aren't too damaged after reading them. Wait, yes I do. Who am I kidding? Editors: Jennifer Barnes, D. Harlan Wilson, Stephanie M. Wytovich Stephanie M. Wytovich and D. Harlan Wilson Anyways, it was especially wonderful to spend time with Jennifer Barnes, John Edward Lawson and D. Harlan Wilson, but I also got to share some pizza and a pretty kick-ass World of Warcraft conversation with J. L. Gribble, too. Cue conversations with a lot of Carlow colleagues a


YOU'RE INVITED TO A DINNER PARTY: Who: Why, you of course, sweet child. What: A dinner party in your honor When: March, 2017 Where: Dark Fuse Why: Because we all need to be fed. How: Oh, I don't want to spoil the surprise! I'm beyond thrilled to announce that I'll be working with  DarkFuse  on a short story project titled, Inside the Skin Bouquet. Once a month (starting in March) subscribers will be fed a deliciously horrific and erotic tale thanks to my editors,  Shane Staley  and  Dave Thomas . We will also be releasing the completed series in both limited edition hardcover and in eBook format included free to subscribers who have either the collector subscription or Kindle subscription . So an additional limited hardcover (to be delivered Q4 of 2017) and additional free eBook (to be delivered Q1 of 2018). ABOUT THE SERIES: Inside the Skin Bouquet is a collection of stories that meditate on a variety of obsessions with human flesh: the ne