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Hello my bleeding beauties: Today in the asylum, we're talking about the podge craze that is sweeping the horror market. Sloane Kady's artwork is gorgeously creepy, not to mention expertly and uniquely crafted, as well as one-of-a-kind, so naturally, we had to scoop her up and take a peek inside her head to see what makes her, and her dashing little ladies and gents, tick. So sit back, bite your bit, and tune in to a world of art, horror, madness, and dolls. Because it's about to get all kinds of Child's Play up in here. ---- WYTOVICH: Hi Sloane! So I recently just treated myself to one of your beautiful handmade horror podges and I’m just over the moon in love with little Borris. What got you interested in art in the first place, and where does your background begin with it? KADY: I’m so happy you love Borris! He’s a handsome guy. I came out of the womb with a crayon in my hand. Art has been my passion since as far back as I can remember. As


Happy Sunday, Darklings! Today in asylum, I'm interviewing fellow Dark Regions Press author (and friend), Paul Michael Anderson. Paul's collection, BONES ARE MADE TO BE BROKEN, is coming out this October, and is currently part of the DRP Campaign that is running. If you're interested in supporting the campaign, you can preorder his book and grab a ton of other deliciously terrifying goodies, too. Click HERE to check it out and in the meantime, take a dip in the hydrotherapy tub and read up on our little chat between your ward comes back for you.  Don't worry.  It will be our little secret.   WYTOVICH: Tell us about your collection. What inspired you to compile it and how did you do so? ANDERSON: I could be all author-ly and what have you but the truth is a lot simpler and a lot less (hopefully) pretentious: I wanted to do a collection because, partly, of Fountains of Wayne and because I couldn't remember my own goddamn bibliography.    I ha


Hello Dark Ones— Today   in the MADHOUSE we’re chatting about Hell and everything that it means to me.  As most of you know, my novel, The Eighth , is to debut from Dark Regions Press on October 4 th , and as such, my editor, Lynne Jamneck , and I had a nice conversation about the project and what’s all in store for you all soon. Check it out below, and i f you're still curious and itching for more once you've finished, head on over to the Dark Regions Press Campaign  and preorder the book. And if you really want to secure your place in the circles with me, pledge at  the Choose Your Deluxe Edition level, and you'll receive an early e-book copy of my novel this week! Bless me my sins.. Now let's set this page on fire . JAMNECK - The Eighth comes across as a kind of Romantic paean to Hell; can you tell us about the inspiration for the story and the influences that shaped it? WYTOVICH -My entire life, people have told me that I’m obsessed wit