Friday, November 7, 2014


Welcome to the ... Peepshow?

The MADHOUSE is temporarily playing host to Madam XXX, and as we speak, my muses are spending some time getting to know one another. If you haven’t met them, please, allow me a moment to make some introductions:

·         Hysteria is my muse of madness. She was born in the asylum and her job is to handle the sick, the weak, the used. As she was my first, she’ll always be dear to me. Plus, she’d kill me if I didn’t say that. You can find her here.

·         Mourning is my muse of memory, of sadness. She was born in the cemetery and her job is to help those who are attached to the dead, who can’t move on. She sought me out when I needed her, and I wear her locket around my neck every day to remind myself of her presence. You can find her here.

·         The Angel is my third muse, but she’s currently being exorcised and won’t be back around until early next year. She’s my muse of redemption, of imperfection. She was born out of heartbreak, and her job is to heal, to learn to forgive. She’ll be with her sisters soon and you can look for her here.

This brings me to Madam XXX, who I’m very excited to acquaint you with. Madam XXX is my muse of masochism, my mistress of pain. She runs the brothel in my head, and does so with a steady hand. I met her a few weeks ago and we’ve been chatting ever since, sharing juicy stories like girlfriends often do. And it’s quite interesting because much like Hysteria walks with her patients, Madam XXX comes with her girls. And the gossip! Oy. The mouths on some of these ladies! I’ve been blushing ever since!

So I’ve decided to soften the horror, up the ante with eroticism. Together, the Madam and I have finished the A, B, C’s of our current project, and since you’ve all been so lovely, I figured I’d prepare a little peepshow for you. Something to wet your lips with! So here’s a sneak peek at the TOC, the titles of the first 15 poems inside my collection, BROTHEL. Enjoy!

Table of Contents:
1.      Action Shot
2.      Adult Play
3.      Amoral
4.      Appetite
5.      Automatic Woman
6.      Besotted
7.      Blind Obedience
8.      Branded
9.      Brothel
10.  Burlesque
11.  Carnal Charisma
12.  Casanova
13.  Cherry Blossom
14.  Clitorial
15.  Courtship

Now behave.

Or don’t.

Either way, I expect to see you back here.

Whips and Chains,

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