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Rise and shine, darling ones! This morning, I have a treat for you. A show and tell if you will. Before I started publishing horror, I wrote erotica. Sometimes I wrote it under my name, most of the time I didn't, but I always found it fun to write and I'm glad to be doing it again...even though not all of my clientele are exactly making it out these days. What can I say? The times have changed and my girls have tempers, and while some brothels play with feathers, we prefer to spice things up with knives. What's a dead body between sisters anyways? I feel the experience just makes our little family stronger. So last time, I invited you to the Peepshow, but today, I'm extending an invitation to my BROTHEL Striptease. And in true burlesque fashion,  I plan to leave you with a picture in mind that raises more questions than it asks. Here are the titles of the next fifteen poems in my collection, and below it, well, that's a little something I wrote just for you


Welcome to the ... Peepshow? The MADHOUSE is temporarily playing host to Madam XXX, and as we speak, my muses are spending some time getting to know one another. If you haven’t met them, please, allow me a moment to make some introductions: ·          Hysteria is my muse of madness. She was born in the asylum and her job is to handle the sick, the weak, the used. As she was my first, she’ll always be dear to me. Plus, she’d kill me if I didn’t say that. You can find her here . ·          Mourning is my muse of memory, of sadness. She was born in the cemetery and her job is to help those who are attached to the dead, who can’t move on. She sought me out when I needed her, and I wear her locket around my neck every day to remind myself of her presence. You can find her here . ·          The Angel is my third muse, but she’s currently being exorcised and won’t be back around until early next year. She’s my muse of redemption, of imperfection. She was born out of heartbreak, and

COVER REVEAL: Blood of the Daxas by Larry Ivkovich

The Madhouse would like to give a warm welcome to author and friend, Larry Ivkovich. Larry's book Blood of the Daxas will launch in eBook form on November 6th, followed by a print launch on December 6th that will take place at Rickert and Beagle Books.   Hope to see you all there! Summary: Ravaged by war with the Perliox Animists, the Imperium's Congregate of Mages has been disrupted, its member's magic-wielding powers sorely weakened. In order to restore those powers in full to her order, Meralandra, Priestess-Mage of Set Pomonar, must command a "technological" skyship in order to harpoon a dragon and harvest its blood. In a land being overtaken by the new "magics" of science and mechanization, Meralandra forms a team of extraordinarily-powered misfits and criminals in order to accomplish her mission. But Wyverna, the last adult dragon in the world of men, has other ideas. Her only hope to escape with her two hatchlings into the Land of