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MADHOUSE POEM: Psychiatry for the Lonely

Patient: Lonely Illness: Heartbreak, Doubt Treatment: Psychiatry Appointment Case Number: 173 "Embrace Your Madness" Residing Nurse: Hysteria Psychiatry for the Lonely By Stephanie M. Wytovich Imagine If you didn't have to be invisible, If you didn't have to hide, If you were with someone, Someone who let you Be you: Crazy, wonderful, Awful, Beautiful You. Now Imagine If you didn’t have to be covered in dust, If you didn’t have to be covered in cobwebs, If you were loved by someone, Someone who understood the Darkness in Your soul: Your sad, scary Frighteningly Insane, Soul. Now Imagine If that someone related to the madness If that someone saw your beauty And loved the death in your eyes, If that someone loved Your faults: Your addictions, your sickness, Your slurs, Ticks, And shakes. And Imagine If you let yourself fall in love Instead of in suicide, I


**A genre poem mixing Tim Burton/Danny Elfman favorites: The Nightmare Before Christmas, Corpse Bride, and Sleepy Hollow.     There’s a Bride in My Hollow Nightmare by Stephanie M. Wytovich   I hear that Jack is looking for his Sally, crawling through the pumpkin patch, a holiday king trapped in a twisted square of curled cliffs illuminated by Oogie Boogie’s moon that shines with skeletal grins and stitched-up smiles. I hear that Ichabod is looking for his Katrina, walking through the hollow, his back to the horseman as he scours the woods with no fear of the Hessian’s curse as he battles in blood for the white witch’s affection. And I hear that Victor is looking of his Emily, running through the afterlife and drinking with skeletons as he hums his piano duet to the remains of his day as he waits for his dead bride’s kiss. But is Sally looking for her Jack, beating against Finklestein’s iron door with a pile of Frog’s Breath and Worm’s Wort in her a


Patient: Stephanie M. Wytovich Illness: Madness Treatment Round: 2 Something interesting happened two weeks ago. Something chaotic. Beautiful. Insane. It was Hysteria. She went away for a little bit. But now she's back. And crazier than ever. We've been working together on a new project--one that I'm really excited about--but she's different this time around. Last time when we walked through the asylum together, she explained to me what was going on, introduced me to patients, and told me their stories. She was patient, she listened, she let me ask questions. She held open the doors to solitary and helped me relax when the lights began to flicker. But this time...well, this time, she walks--no runs!-- forcing me to chase her, to challenge her, to find her. And sometimes I do and sometimes I don't. There are no lights, no moments of peace. This time it's just energy. Pure, pulsing, electric energy. So get ready for the shock treatment... Becaus

Cover Reveal: Wasteland Blues by Scott Christian Carr and Andrew Conry-Murray

    Of Mice and Men Meets The Odyssey in a Post-Apocalyptic Future     Having only ever known the uncivilized wake of nuclear and biological apocalypse, three friends and their wheelchair-bound hostage set out on a perilous fool’s mission--to cross from one side of the devastated United States to the other, in the desperate, half-believed hope of finding a rumored haven.    Spurred by a dark vision and the murder of their father, rageaholic Derek Cane and his over-sized, simple-minded brother, Teddy, flee the only home they've ever known, a struggling shantytown on the edge of the vast Wasteland. Heading ever eastward, they are accompanied by their friend, John, an orphan brought up by a fanatical religious order, and Leggy, a crippled old drunk who brags that, in his youth, he once traversed the Wasteland as a scavenger.   Wasteland Blues by Scott Christian Carr and Andrew Conry-Murray   Cover Art by Bradley Sharp Post-Apocalyptic novel 


  To me, being a paranormal investigator is very much like being an actress, and I play the part, dance the dance, and sing the song with my dark muse , Hysteria, as we travel the states in search of new patients to put in our asylum.   And I take my best friend, Crystal Vines, with me as well.   I mean, someone has to hold my hand when the lights go out and things start to move.   Last night, we traveled to Hill View Manor for a 10-hour investigation. Now neither of us like to work with a lot of equipment, but we do carry around flashlights, a tape recorder, and a notebook wherever we go. Crystal usually talks to the spirits and works with the EVPs, while I tend to photograph the building and scribble down poetry and notes for research. In fact, this is how Hysteria started in the first place. She was a collection of scribbles and pictures that I put in my notebook while looking for ghosts, but then she became very much alive.. .and we've been insepa


CORPUS CHROME, INC. BY S. CRAIG ZAHLER   Who should be given a second chance at life?    Decades in the future Corpus Chrome, Inc. develops a robotic body, dubbed a “mannequin,” that can revive, sustain and interface with a cryonically-preserved human brain. Like all new technology, it is copyrighted. Hidden behind lawyers and a chrome facade, the inscrutable organization resurrects a variety of notable minds, pulling the deceased back from oblivion into a world of animated sculpture, foam rubber cars, dissolving waste and strange terrorism. Nobody knows how Corpus Chrome, Inc. determines which individuals should be given a second life, yet myriad people are affected. Among them are Lisanne Breutschen, the composer who invented sequentialism with her twin sister, and Champ Sappline, a garbage man who is entangled in a war between the third, fourth and fifth floors of a New York City apartment building.   In the Spring of 2058, Corpus Chrome, Inc. announc