Friday, September 7, 2012

Poetry Project: Release the Cannibals

Hello Boys and Ghouls,

I have to admit that I'm impressed. 400 followers? You guys rock! And since I'm feeling especially creepy tonight, I'm going to let you all in on a little secret. My poetry collection, HYSTERIA, is done! That's right folks. I've drained its blood, let it soak in the moonlight, and locked it up in the asylum. All it needs is a few more rounds of shock therapy and then Momma is going to send her little psych project out into the world.

As always, I want to thank everyone for their support because without my readers... well, I'd just be a sick person with no one to scare. So my treat for you tonight is a poem from HYSTERIA called "Marketplace."
Hope you're hungry, because I know Janey is.

Stay Scared,
Stephanie M. Wytovich


I walked through the
Grocery store
Eyes glued to
Stainless steel hooks
That waved at me
In the butcher store
While I picked out
The freshest of meats

I knew little Janey
Liked the thick ones
Rare, with
Lots of fat
She said the extra tire
Around their waists
Gave them more flavor,
Added a little something
To the juice
When she tongued
It off her chin

So I brought her
Home a big one,
Chopped it up,
Sautéed it with
Green onions,
And let it soak in
Its own blood while it
Salted itself
And stewed in the pan

The smell of it
Brought her running,
Brought her
Scrambling down
The stairs,
Her stomach
Growling like the
Beast that baked
In the oven
Mommy! Mommy!
What’s for dinner?
She asked
I scooped her out a
Helping of thigh
And served it warm
On her plate
Why it’s Old man Donnell sweetie,
I know you’ve had
Your eyes on him
For quite a while