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April '21 Madhouse Recap

Hello Friends and Fiends— April was a somewhat difficult month for me. It started off on a productive note. I finished up my second run of teaching Witch Lit through LitReactor and had an absolutely wonderful time. I was also getting a lot of writing and reading done, diving into some spring cleaning (which I oddly like?) and just generally feeling better about myself and my relationship with my mind and body. I’ve been ordering from Daily Harvest recently, and I’m just completely obsessed with them. Their smoothies are to die for and it’s helping to keep me away from caffeine all day and instead hit me with some natural energy in the morning. I’ve also been specifically working with violets and jasmine this month, and it’s been a wild and informative journey. I appreciate the romance of jasmine and I usually work with her at night when the moon is out, and then violet is helping me find this stillness and calmness within myself that allows me to appreciate my aloneness. This was all