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Hi Everyone-- Today is the publication day for my sixth book of poetry, an apocalyptic SF/Horror collection titled  The Apocalyptic Mannequin . This book is published through Raw Dog Screaming Press and the cover art is done by Steven Archer . I wrote about my experience and influences writing these poems in an article via  Speculative Chic  (you can read the full article  here ), but I wanted to include a small snippet in this post to give some more background on how this project came to be: "A few years ago, I wrote a sci-fi/horror poem titled “The Apocalyptic Mannequin.” It’s a post-apocalyptic robotic soliloquy that challenges the definition of body and how it became reinterpreted when the world collapsed. See, after experimenting with memoir and genre in my collection  Sheet Music to My Acoustic Nightmare , I wanted to do something completely different and really challenge myself to step out of my comfort zone, so I grabbed my crossbow and axe and headed into my own