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2018 Reading Challenge Wrap Up

Hi Readers, Writers, and Caffeine Junkies: Every year, I hold myself to a pretty strict reading challenge where I usually aim to read 100 books a year. This time around the sun, I didn't meet that goal, but I'm very impressed with my bookish intake, nevertheless. To some degree, this year was a little different because I read way more novels than I usually do, and I also read more short stories and critical work because I started teaching literature this year (yay!). Below is my reading list, in case you're interested in seeing my reading history. When it comes to poetry, I absolutely fell in love with Nothing is Okay  by Rachel Wiley, and I will from here on out read everything she writes. She has such a beautiful authentic and real voice, and I really resonated with her poetry. When it comes to fiction/nonfiction, it's really quite hard for me to pick a favorite. I thought Final  Girls   by Riley Sager was fun, and I just picked up his other book The Last Time