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Hello Friends and Fiends, Lately, I’ve had a lot of people ask me about my spiritual practices and my relationship with ritual, so I’ve decided to start blogging about all things witchy, sex-positive, and magical. As most of you know, for the past three years I’ve been moving towards a more natural relationship with prayer and spirituality, and honestly, I feel more connected to myself, my partner, and the earth than I ever have before. Also, I’ve found that I’ve been able to switch to a lot of herbal remedies rather than taking medicine for things like colds, migraines, insomnia, etc. So first up in The Madhouse is a list of three of my favorite places to shop online for teas, salves, smudge sticks, etc. I find myself using a lot of these products in my day-to-day life, and I’ve also found that despite being a fire sign, that I’m my best self when working with water and earth, all of which these shops have helped me to do. Take some time and sort through their websites a