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Hello Friends! The 2014 Rhysling Anthology is now available for purchase! My poem "Black Bird" was nominated in the category of Short Poems, and my poem "Crazy" was nominated in the category of Long Poems. Check them both out and share the scare! There's a lot of great poetry in the anthology and I'm absolutely thrilled to be a part of it: NOTE: These poems--among many, many others--can be found in my full collection, HYSTERIA , where a beautiful foreword by fellow poet and friend, Michael A. Arnzen , will be sure to lure you in.  

Vaccuming in the MADHOUSE: "You Know When it's the Devil"

You Know When it’s the Devil By Stephanie M. Wytovich If it’s dark and delightfully disturbing, chances are, I’m going to like it, at least in some fashion or respect. The macabre resonates with me in a way that is both terrifying and hauntingly beautiful, and to me, there’s nothing quite like the adrenaline rush of horror. With that said, there is something equally powerful to the effects of comedic relief in the genre. If done, and done well, the resulting laughter and jest become just as intense and potent as the fear leading up to it. This leads us to a Dirt Devil commercial with the tag line “ You know when it’s the Devil” :   This commercial is in one word, brilliant. It plays with the classic tropes of exorcism and possession, using word play and the company name to its advantage. Right off the bat, we are met with darkness that is combated by a single light that shines on a priest waiting in