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Being an Artist: 25 Lessons for 25 Years

Next week is my birthday and I'm turning 25. As a result, I thought it would be a fun idea to see if I could come up with 25 lessons that I've learned over the years in regards to writing. Some I learned young, some I learned yesterday and each was as important as the last. 1.        Read. ·          Read every day and read everything that you can get your hands on. Don’t just read in your genre. Read fiction, non-fiction, poetry, the writing on the bathroom stall at your favorite bar. Just read. 2.        Write every day. ·          This creates discipline and helps you to strengthen your time management skills, not to mention find your voice as an author. 3.        Stay true to yourself. ·          Don’t not do something because you think people will think or feel differently about you. Write the story you want to write, when you want to write it, and be confident. It’s your art and it should be strictly yours and something that you’re proud to s

Cover Reveal: The Man Who Loved Alien Landscapes by Albert Wendland

And BOOM! The cover reveal for Albert Wendland's THE MAN WHO LOVED ALIEN LANDSCAPES What could draw poet, explorer, loner and paranoid Mykol Ranglen away from the relative peace of his own ring-in-space habitat? He has no choice in the matter as one by one acquaintances are murdered or disappear altogether. Propelled by ever changing and deepening mysteries Mykol embarks to uncover secrets which could make people rich beyond their wildest dreams…or tear apart human civilization. The escalating quest takes him through worlds of many dangerous extremes, leading him to confront the deadly alien Fist of Thorns, extinct species refusing to give up their power over the future, and those racing against him to uncover the secret first. But in the course of his pursuit, he must also face his own secrets. And some of these are even more dangerous. Albert Wendland's Blog: http://albertwendland. Cover Art by Bradley Sharp : uk Foreward by W

MADHOUSE POEM: Hysteria Falls in Sane, in Love

Hysteria Falls in Sane, in Love by Stephanie M. Wytovich   Love. Ha, love is insanity. And if it’s not, then it’s not love… not really , and let’s be honest with each other—you know, the kind of honest that people don’t like to hear—madness is love because you don’t go mad unless you’re driven with passion, with obsession, with the kind of adoration that makes you want to rip out your heart, tear off your flesh and succumb to any type of pain, threat, or death for the benefit of someone else.   If you’re not going crazy, if you’re not confused, if you’re not losing your mind, then it’s not love, and if it is, then it’s no kind of love that I want because the strongest kind of love, is the honest kind of love, and everyone has their demons, scratching, clawing, and killing them from the inside out. Love,   Ha, love is hysteria. It’s uncontrollable emotion, a maelstrom of past-present-future pain that one person can’t handle alone. It’s unfair and it’s norm