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PATIENT: DEANNA LEPSCH ILLNESS: WRITER When did you start writing? Why did you pick the genre you write it? I started writing at a young age, mostly poetry. I didn't start writing fiction until college when I had a terrible experience with a boy. I've always said writing is a way to exercise my demons and he-who-shall-remain-nameless helped me realize it. At the time, I'd say my fiction was very centered on literary mainstream. Since then, my main genre focus is on Romance and Science Fiction (sometimes together, sometimes not.)   Where you get your ideas from? Do you journal at all? My ideas come from everywhere but they are most often tied to music or lyrics. I take a healthy amount of my ideas from my crazy dreams and from asking myself a lot of "what if" questions.   What ’ s a normal (writing) day like for you? Monday through Friday I write for a minimum of 2.5 hours or 1.5k words (whichever comes first) as soon as I am finishe


  PATIENT: JAMES NEWMAN ILLNESS: WRITER     When did you start writing? Why did you pick the genre you write in? According to my parents, I've been making up stories as long as I could hold a pen. And -- surprise, surprise -- most of them were "spooky stuff". I've always been infatuated with monsters and madmen. I remember when I was growing up my Mom and Dad were fans of a good horror film, and they were never too protective about what they'd let my sister and I watch (my mom was the one who recommended RE-ANIMATOR to me when I was just 15 or 16, for God's sake!), so I guess that's what warped me. Once I discovered Stephen King not long after that, there was no turning back.   Where do you get your ideas? Do you journal at all? I subscribe to a very, very expensive service that not many folks know about. A sealed black envelope is delivered to my house once a month when the moon is full. It's stuffed fat with idea


PATIENT: SHELDON HIGDON ILLNESS: WRITER   When didyou start writing? Why did you pick the genre you write it? Started in second grade with a mystery story called “Who’s Been Stealing theClothes?”   Catchy, huh? Me and the otherstudents got to make up our own stories, illustrate them, and then bound themwith construction paper. I still have my story to this day. But it was fromthis moment I started writing. Stephen Kingwas asked once why he chose horror to write. Why did he pick it? So to borrow,and to possibly paraphrase, from him I’ll give the same reply: “Who says I hada choice?” But ingeneral I write whatever genre my brain and heart pushes me to write. Horror,YA, thriller, suspense, mystery and even some literary pieces. Why limityourself? Gotta push the boundaries, challenge yourself. Expand. But there is adarkness that underlies most of my work.   Where you get your ideas from? Do you journal at all? My ideas come from everywhere, really. Not one place, although, persona


PATIENT: SALLY BOSCO ILLNESS: WRITER AND WERECAT How to Find Your Muse by Writing the Book You Love By Sally Bosco People talk about finding their muse, like it’s an outside thing, like some person or sprite will come along, and suddenly they'll be all inspired. I tend to think of it as contacting the source of my own inner creativity. One way I do this is to make sure that what I’m working on is something I love. A few years ago I decided that I was going to write only books I loved, books I’d actually buy if I saw them online or in a book store. I wanted to start each day looking forward to working on this particular book. I think I had always done that to some extent, but more recently I decided to make a concerted effort of it. Here’s what I did. I answered these questions for myself: The first and most obvious question is, what is my favorite genre? To me, that’s a tough one because I like to read in a wide variety of genres. I like anything from lit