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Poetry Project: A is for Addict

Hey Everyone, So in the midst of finishing up my poetry collection, Hysteria , I came across this piece on my hard-drive and figured I'd share. Hysteria is a compilation of pieces about obsessions, fetishes, abnormalities, and fantasies. It's about the place in the back of your head that you go to when life gets hard, and you need to hide. It's where diseases of the mind spread, and pain likes to grow. Hysteria doesn't judge, but it also doesn't sugar coat the monsters that live within each of us.  Enjoy the tragedy.  Stay Scared, Stephanie M. Wytovich  Addict The 500 mg white pill Subsides the inflammation Dousing the flames in my lungs While charred edges break off Stabbing me in the side While I gasp for air And fight to breathe The 60 mg blue capsule Hides the blackness in my eyes Masking the depression And covering up the pain in my chest It wipes away memories of failed suicides And erases the cut marks on

Book Review: The Wicked by James Newman

The Wicked by James Newman is a new take on an old-fashioned tale regarding small town histories and haunts. Written in a style reminiscent of 80s horror, Newman introduces his readers to the Little family, Kate, David, and their daughter, Becca, and their move from New York City to Morganville, North Carolina in an attempt to leave behind tragedy, and start anew. But what seems like a quaint and quiet cul-de-sac is actually buzzing with negative energy as the ashes from the Heller House fire still roam the streets and memories of the residents.  Sixty died that night. Thirty-seven of them were children, and it wasn’t an accident. New to town, the Little’s know no one short of Kate’s brother Joel and his partner Michael, but David forms a friendship early on with their neighbor, ex-marine George Heatherly, who ends up being both his backbone and his partner later on in the story. It doesn’t take the Little’s long before they realize something’s off about Morganville. With the