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Featured Author in the Madhouse: A.J. Walkley

Reading – Imperative to the Life of a Writer By A.J. Walkley As a writer, the majority of advice I often come across regarding writing is simply to “Just Write.” I see it tweeted and posted on Facebook, blogged and talked about in writers’ circles – to succeed as a writer, you must write and write often, daily if possible.  There is, however, another, just as important aspect of becoming a successful writer, and that is to read.  Most, if not all, writers became such as a result of loving to read, being entranced by stories they came across as children, teens, young adults and into adulthood. Why write a book if you don’t enjoy reading as well? There is a delicate balance between reading and writing as a writer, though. If you read too often you won’t have time to write. If you don’t read often enough, you risk being distanced from other writers and potential readers. I also venture to suggest that a lack of reading as a writer could make you become stale. It is important to be a