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Many Genres, One Craft (Part 4)

Tomorrow’s Kiss: The Duality of SF Romance by Heidi Ruby Miller: Spinning romance within your genre can aid in attracting readers that might not normally pick up your book. Heidi’s article really spoke to me as a horror writer because I like to explore the lines between erotica and violence when I write, just as she likes to explore romance and science fiction –“If a writer sways too much in one direction or the other, she fears losing part of her audience.” This quote could not ring more true for me, and it’s something that I’m constantly reminding myself of when I’m writing. I don’t want to focus too much on violence and forget the emotional connection of my characters, but nor do I want to focus strictly on the sex, and forget about the big murder scene that’s going on while they are doing it. Hence finding the balance between writing horrotica.  “...It’s also the way the character’s interact, how much time they spend looking at each other, thinking about each other, and how inti

Writing Sex Behind Closed Doors

As many of you know, I like to dabble in writing erotica every now and then, mostly just for fun. It’s a light way for me to get away from the horrors of my usual writing style, even though my stories are typically chalk full of sex to begin with. But mostly I’ve been writing erotica because eventually I would like to try tackling the genre of paranormal romance in the future and I figured that this would be a good way of practicing some short scenes to see exactly how I go about writing sex just for the pleasure of depicting a hot, steamy scene (minus all the blood and gore). So when it was time to pick our focus chat in Seton Hill University ’s Writing Popular Fiction (WPF) program, it should be of no surprise to anyone that I gravitated to the one about writing sex in genre fiction (lead by author and professor,  Dr. Nicole Peeler ). Nicole wrote a really great article about writing sex that can be found here , and I urge anyone that is interested in finding out more about the styl