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Reading: Many Genres, One Craft (Part 3)

Ron Edison's article "Put a Little Love in Your Life: The Perks and Perils of Romantic Subplots" - My characters only have scary, life destroying sex. When I read Edison's article, my mind went in a TON of different directions. In the Character Goal section, I realized that the main focus of my novel was the notion of escape. Escape from danger, a bad relationship, the past. Just escape in general. But at the same time, I realized that at times its a little too Debbie Downer, and I do want something nice to happen to my character... eventually -- which is why I liked how at the end of this section, Edison wrote "they may just fall in love...or at least into bed." Now, I'll admit that I'm a pancer when it comes to writing, but I'm pretty sure that Rhea isn't going to fall in love and have a happy ending, but hey you never know... she may get some hot sex along the way? Wait.. can psych ward patients have sex? I suppose they can if it's