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Reading: Many Genres, One Craft (Part 2)

Continued... Sharon Mignerey’s article “Character and Dialogue”: I need to spend some one-on-one time with Rhea Rhea is the name of my protagonist in the book I’m writing, entitled The Aborted , and after reading Sharon’s article, I realized that I had a lot of catching up to do with her in order to make her work as a main character.   Mignerey writes, “The major character of the story,   we’re told, must be empathetic- that I, to be recognizable enough that we might think as he thinks, act as he acts, if we were in his shoes” (64). She then goes on to talk about the Milieu   of the character, which really got me thinking… who is Rhea Harmon? Does she like where she’s at in life or can she not wait to get out of where she’s at? What’s her background story? Does she get along with her parents or have any siblings? What’s her financial situation? Is she a wallflower or a social lite? Those are just some of the questions that I asked myself after reading the article, and I’ll tell

Reading: Many Genres, One Craft (Part 1)

Before I went to my first writing residency at Seton Hill University (per the Writing Popular Fiction program), I bought Michael A. Arnzen's and Hedi Ruby Miller’s book entitled, Many Genres, One Craft . For those of you that are unfamiliar with this new release, know that it is basically a writer’s workshop in print that was compiled from past/present students, mentors, professors, etc. from SHU’s MFA program in Writing Popular Fiction.  Now when I was an undergraduate at the university, I heard a great deal about this new writer’s guide that aimed to help all genre writer's with different areas of their craft from dealing with perfectionism, building tension, to the basic repetitive words that annoy the hell out of editors.  So now that I have officially enrolled into the program and have been working my way through the book,  I want to share with my followers my process in writing and how the book has been helping me, as a writer. I know that in the past I have shared updat