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Elements of the Uncanny: The Legend of Bloody Mary

I believe in Mary Worth. How many of you played the Bloody Mary game as a child? Ha, I know that I sure as hell didn't, and wouldn't if someone dared me to today! Frankly, I love the creepiness of it, but I don't mess with that shit myself. I believe that if you provoke and willingly open your surroundings to it... it's coming in.   For those of you that aren't familiar with the legend of Bloody Mary here is the general gist of it: You go into your bathroom, and light a single candle. Then you mark yourself, and others if you choose, by writing their names on mirror in front of you.  Then you turn out all of the lights, and challenge Mary but saying "I believe in Mary Worth." Legend has it, that you will see her face flash in front of you, or hell, maybe even come out of the mirror itself and kill you. Why anyone would tempt fate and play this is beyond me, but that's the game. I chose to write about this topic in my blog this week, because as I

Elements of the Uncanny: THE EXORCIST

"It was always very strange for me when I was young and would meet someone who geniunely seemed to be afraid of me. They couldn't separate me from the monster I became in a movie. You wouldn't believe how often people ask me to make my head spin around." - Linda Blair (Regan) It has been a little over a week since I have put my big girl panties on and watched The Exorcist , and I have to say that I am still quite fascinated over it. The more that I have thought about it, and the more in depth we have gotten in analytic critiques in class, the more mad I get at myself for not watching this film sooner because there is SO much to discuss and dissect on a psychoanalytical level... and frankly, I just need to go there with you folks. ------------------ A few years ago, I read Freud's The Uncanny as well as The New Uncanny (which is a book of short stories written in response to Freud's original piece) and this semester I am revisiting it again in my Liter

Just Watched: THE EXORCIST

Growing up, my parents forbade me to even consider watching movies like Rosemary's Baby or The Exorcist , and I didn't really put up too much of a fight, because I was scared of everything as a child. I hated Halloween, I would cry if my parents turned out my nightlight, and most importantly, I slept with my blankets covering my neck because I was afraid a vampire was going to come in through my window and suck my blood.  My parents always told me that if you brought evil into your life, that it would stay there -- hence why we got the house blessed regularly, why I was dragged to church every Sunday, and why I was somewhat censored via film as a child. Ha. It's really quite funny how I turned out in the long run. But minus the brief flashback, I was still always afraid to watch The Exorcist because I don't really play around with demonic possession. Only recently did I watch An American Haunting because when I originally went to see it in theaters, and saw the cro