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Just Watched: Teeth

I have made some wonderful friends in Seton Hill's WPF program, and also through Twitter and some magazine venues, and when my peers told me about this movie Teeth , I knew that I had to see it to believe it.  Yes, yes, yes, I know it's an old movie and I should have seen it way before now, but hey.. I'm working on it! Needless to say, I wasn't disappointed... in fact, I don't think that I have ever laughed harder in my life-- oh wait? I wasn't supposed to laugh?  This was a horror movie? Oops! Then it gets my vote for one of the worst/best horror films up to date (but I haven't seen Piranha 3D yet!). For those of you that haven't heard of/seen this movie, here is a quick summary of the plot: Early on in the story, we are introduced to Dawn O'Keefe (played by Jess Weixler) who appears to be the saintly virgin that is so typical in horror movies.  She gives talks at high schools about abstinence, and honestly, it is because she is so unavailable to

Review: Black Swan

I had unbelievable high hopes for this movie -- and it didn't disappoint me at all. Now I have to admit that I'm a huge Natalie Portman fan, and I didn't think it was going to be possible to make me like her more, but then I saw her in this movie, and fell in love with her all over again.  People, she is an outstanding actress, and she shows her true, god given talent in this movie by taking on the role of Nina Sayers, a young ballerina who wins the lead role in the production of Swan Lake.  However, through years of practice and perfection of the trade, it's not the vulnerable white swan that she has to worry about in her role... its the black swan's grip on her that she needs to worry about. Summary of Swan Lake: A young girl gets turned into a swan, and needs the love of the prince in order to turn her back.  Everything starts out going according to plan, but when the prince gets slowly seduced by the black swan, (white swan's sister) he falls for her, l