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Hello Friends and Fiends-- Today in the Madhouse, I'm sitting down with R.J. Joseph , a writer of exceptional talent and a scholar with razor-sharp intellect. She and I met at Seton Hill during one of the SHUWPF residencies, and not only is she the type of person who I could talk to for hours, but she has this beautiful energy and sense of humor that makes her light up any room she walks into.  She's joining me today to talk about her origins with the horror genre, and how she uses her writing as a way to invoke themes of balance, social justice, and discourse surrounding the female form. Also, be sure to check her out on  Twitter at @rjacksonjoseph and on her b log at Until next time, Stephanie M. Wytovich No, Life Ain’t Fair…but I Can Make It So by R.J. Joseph “That’s not fair!” Mama met my oft-repeated childhood refrain with, “Life ain’t fair,” in what became a household song she and I sung together. My child’s heart became deeply wou


Hello Friends and Fiends-- Today in the Madhouse, I'm hanging out with  Claire C. Holland  and talking about what initially drew her to horror. Holland is a poet and writer from Philadelphia, currently living in Los Angeles. When she’s not writing, she can usually be found reading or binge-watching horror movies with her husband, Corey, and her Wheaten Terrier, Chief Brody. She is also a feminist, a tattoo lover, and interested in all forms of art strange and subversive.  I Am Not Your Final Girl  is her first book of poetry, and for those looking to read more about her process and intention with the book, you can zip over to a previous interview I did with her here . Needless to say, I'm a huge fan of Holland's work, and she's definitely one of my go-to people when it comes to talking horror films, so be sure to check out her collection and follow her on Twitter at @ClaireCWrites. More soon, Stephanie M. Wytovich Drawn to the Dark Side by Claire C. Holland I think horr

Tentacles Through the Darkness: The Connection of Horror With Laurel Hightower

Hello friends and fiends: I've been thinking a lot about what horror means to me: why I'm drawn to it, why I write it, why I enjoy being scared, being uncomfortable. It's a loaded question/answer for sure, but as I sit here and meditate on it, especially during the throes of Women in Horror Month (WiHM) , I'm realizing more and more that horror is my safe space, my happy place, and the place where I feel most at home with myself. As such, I wanted to reach out to some fellow genre writers and see what their experience has been like finding and working within the horror community and so today in the Madhouse, I've invited fellow horror writer, Laurel Hightower , to chat with us about what horror means to her.  More soon,  Stephanie M. Wytovich Tentacles Through the Darkness: The Connection of Horror By Laurel Hightower It has been said of writing that it’s a solitary endeavor. For many of us, that’s been a welcome truth – time alone in our heads and our imagination

January '21 Madhouse Recap

Hi there, friends and fiends— I hope this post finds everyone safe and well and that your new year has gotten off to a good start. I know I’ve mostly been hunkered down in my house and covered in blankets and pit bulls while the snow collects outside, and while my day job has definitely kept me busy, I’ve been making some adjustments to how I’m spending my free time lately as well as to how I’m feeding my creativity as well as my body. I made the decision this year to not set a reading goal. I tend to get really crazy about goals that I set for myself, especially when I have something that’s tracking them, and so this year I decided that Goodreads was not going to control or shame me for my book intake. I set a goal of 1 book—and then naturally was immediately ridiculed on the site by tons of strangers—because I wanted to see what happened when I took the pressure off and just read for enjoyment, for escapism, for education, etc. In January alone, I ended up reading 11 books, which is