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Planets, Poetry, and the Solitary Wanderer: A Guest Post by Albert Wendland

Good morning, friends and stargazers-- Today in the Madhouse, I'm honored to host Dr. Albert Wendland, who I had the pleasure of studying with at Seton Hill University both for my undergraduate and graduate degree. When I was first starting out in college, Dr. Wendland's classes truly helped shape me as a writer, and taking some of his literature classes--whether they were centered around British Lit or theoretical approaches to the sublime--helped teach me about art and philosophy in a way that I had never been exposed to.  Later on during my graduate work, I studied science fiction with him for a little bit, and in addition to turning me on to classic works like Frank Herbert's Dune , he's also responsible for assigning me my first ever graphic novel ( Planetary) , which opened up a whole new world to me, and I'm happy to say that I'm an avid comic book/graphic novel reader now, largely due to him. As such, t's a true pleasure for me to hav

WRITING FROM MY BUBBLE: A Guest Post from Lee Murray

Hello friends and fiends,  Today in the Madhouse, I'm sitting down and chatting with one of the most lovely people I've met to date: Lee Murray. Lee is a fellow horror writer and RDSP author , and every time I've had the pleasure to be in her company, I find myself forever smiling and simply being in a state of awe because of her talent, strength, and warmth. As such, I wanted to reach out to her today--from Pittsburgh, PA to New Zealand--to see how she was doing and to chat about how her writing habits and her relationship  to art has changed due to the state of the world.  As always, Lee met my request with light, love, honesty, and grace, and I hope you find her essay as touching as I did.  Be safe, take care, and we'll speak more soon. Stephanie M. Wytovich Writing From My Bubble by Lee Murray In Aotearoa-New Zealand, we called them bubbles: closed households of two or three people with whom you would protect the vulnerable and see out th

So, You’re Trapped at Home with Your Demons: A Guest Post by Donna Lynch

Good morning, friends and fiends: I don't know about you all, but the state of the world has me in a serious funk lately. Time has last all meaning, my writing is disjointed and all over the place, I think I've gone through all of Netflix, and when I'm not having nightmares, I'm dealing with some pretty serious bouts of insomnia again. However, in a time when we're all probably spending way too much time in our heads, I think now it's more important than ever to open a dialogue up and talk about mental health. As such, I invited one of my all-time favorite writers to stop by the Madhouse today, to chat about how writing can help soothe and heal in a time of turmoil. Donna Lynch   is a dark fiction writer, poet, and the co-founder—along with her husband, artist and musician  Steven Arche r —of the dark electro-rock band Ego Likeness (Metropolis Records). Her written works include  Isabel Burning, Driving Through the Desert,  Ladies & Other Vicious