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READ MORE WOMEN: Madhouse Guest Post from Shane Douglas Keene

Last year I came into the madhouse spewing some pretty blasphemous shit that I was certain would start a flame war of epic proportions. But as it turns out, folks were pretty receptive to it and this year Stephanie M. Wytovich has been kind enough to welcome me back one more time for Women in Horror Month. This year I want to take a bit more serious approach and talk about a problem in our society that is systemic in nature and insidious in our early formation as human beings. I’m talking about sexism in literature, and particularly in genre fiction, where it’s as toxic as a nuclear meltdown and just as deadly to us as readers. First, let me address two questions that come up frequently when I talk about this: What makes the problem systemic and insidious? Why the hell is this a problem that genre fiction needs to own? Well, the first question is an easy one to answer, though the answer may be a longer one. The second one is more complex than it seems on the surface and


Hello and Good Morning, Friends and Fiends: This week in the Madhouse, we're talking witches--one of my all time favorite topics, as most of you know! For the past few years, I've been seriously smitten with the archetype of the witch in literature, not to mention the practice of witchcraft in general. I've been reading book after grimoire, casting circle after hex, and the more I learn, the more I fall in love.  Which reminds me! If you're interested in this topic, I have a handful of podcasts that I would love to recommend to you: The Fat Feminist Witch , The Serpent Cast , The Witch Bitch Amateur Hour , and The Witch Wave . But I digress! Today we're going to sit down with literal rock star poet, Donna Lynch, my fellow RDSP sister, and chat about her poetry collection, Witches , which is currently on the preliminary ballot for the Bram Stoker Award.  Donna Lynch is the co-founder, lyricist, and singer of the dark electronic rock band Ego Likeness, an

Solitary Confinement in Char's Horror Corner

Hello Boys and Ghouls, It's been a wonderful #WiHM so far, and I've so been enjoying reading everyone's posts and adding a ton of books to my to-read list. If you're looking for some additional blog series to follow, please consider reading Gwendolyn Kiste's roundtable , Sara Tantlinger's WiHM interview series , and Thinking Horror Journal's "What is Horror?" series as well. Today, I'm looking forward to introducing you all to Charlene Cocrane, more commonly known as  @Charrlygirl on Twitter and Instagram. Carlene is a fantastic lady, and someone who I was so happy to meet at the Merrimack Valley Halloween Book Festival last year. She is a powerhouse reader, and can be found at  or on the Goodreads Horror Aficionados page . Please consider giving her a follow before we kick things off, and if you're interested in reading past interviews in this series, you can find profiles on: Sadie Colleen Hart


Hello and Good Morning, Friends and Fiends, We're another week into Women in Horror Month, and t oday in the Madhouse we're hosting Lilyn George, the owner and co-host of Sci-Fi & Scary, which is  a site that provides book and movie reviews in the science fiction and horror genres, as well as guest posts, interviews, and original articles. Before we get started on the interview, give Lilyn a follow on  Twitter @scifiandscary and  Instagram  @scifiandscary, and if you want to check out the other interviews so far, you can find Mother Horror here , and Emily here ! With snake oil and sage, Stephanie M. Wytovich What (or who!) got you into horror?  Nightmare on Elm Street movies, and parents who had skewed ideas as to what was appropriate viewing for a youngling. For books specifically, it’d be Dean Koontz. How do you, as a reader, define horror? And what is your favorite kind of horror to read?  Horror is something written or filmed with the intention to h


Good morning, folks: I hope #WiHM is treating you well and that you're making your way through some wonderful books by fantastically talented women. If you're still looking for someone to read, here are some options (with links to their work): Christa Carmen , Gwendolyn Kiste , Kristi DeMeester , Damien Angelica Walters , Zoje Stage , Caroline Kepnes , Seanan McGuire , Helen Marshall , Linda Addison , and Mercedes Murdock Yardley . I'll continue to give more recommendations throughout the month, but this should be enough to get you started... This week in the Madhouse, we're chatting with book reviewer Emily Reed for the second installment of my Women in Horror Month blog series.  For months now, I've been following her beautiful #bookstagram photos on social media and anxiously awaiting her reading list recaps so I can keep tabs on my own ever-growing TBR pile. But before we get started, head on over to Twitter and follow Emily at @BookHappy08 and on Insta


Greetings Friends and Fiends! As most of you know, February is Women in Horror Month (#WiHM), and as such, I usually like to do a curated blog series celebrating women in the horror genre. This year, I want to shine light on some of the female book reviewers and artists who are working tirelessly year round to support female authors and create a community of horror-loving book worms! First up in the series is  Sadie Hartmann, more commonly known as Mother Horror. I first got in touch with Sadie last year when she kindly agreed to review my poetry collection , Brothel . After that, we've kept in touch on social media, and I love seeing what she's reading, especially because when it comes to beautifully framed #bookstagram posts, hers are some of the best! So pull up your coffin and get comfortable, and if you want to check out more of Sadie's work, follow her on Twitter (@SadieHartmann) and on Instagram (@mother.horror). I'll also be posting giveaways of my