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Featured Author in the Madhouse: Brandon Ford

INTERVIEW WITH BRANDON FORD With Stephanie M. Wytovich Brandon Ford (b. 1981 - ) is an American author of horror and suspense fiction. To date, he has written 3 novels (CRYSTAL BAY, SPLATTERED BEAUTY, and PAY PHONE) and a collection of short stories (DECAYED ETCHINGS). He has also contributed to several genre anthologies, including: CREEPING SHADOWS (a collection of three short novels), THE DEATH PANEL, SINISTER LANDSCAPES, MADE YOU FLINCH, and RAW: BRUTALITY AS ART. He currently resides in Philadelphia.      1. When did you first know you wanted to be a writer? I didn’t know I wanted to write professionally until I was 18, but I’d been writing for fun since I was around 8.   I always loved penning my own works of short fiction and occasionally writing novelizations for my favorite movies.   It was a fun way to pass the time and stay out of trouble.   Up until I graduated high school, I thought I was going to be an actor.   That was until I realized I really had no ta

A Macabre Interview with DarkWhite Arts

HELLO HORROR FRIENDS, This week, the MADHOUSE brings you the girls of DarkWhite Arts. 'DarkWhite Arts is a collaboration of two sisters who both enjoy all things Horror. Between the two of [them], [they] make creepy crafts, charcoal portraits, paintings, jewelry and much more.' If you like what you see, and are DYING for more, check out their etsy shop, and like them on facebook!  Stay Scared, Stephanie M. Wytovich 1. When did the two of you start the business and what inspired you to do so? We started DarkWhite Arts in the spring of 2011.  For myself, I was inspired when I was gift shopping.  I had a hard time finding the spooky gifts I had in mind so I just decided to make them myself!  Marlynn and I both became inspired by the horror conventions we were attending.  There are very talented vendors with a wide array of art, crafts, films, jewelry etc.  Being surrounded by that definitely triggered a bit of our creativity 2. What made you get into making jewelry,