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Just Visited: Italy (Rome, Florence, and Venice)

This past May, I studied art in Italy with Seton Hill University and I can honestly say that doing so was one of the best decisions that I've ever made. It was a ten day trip that brought us closer to the Renaissance and the Baroque periods of Italian Art and we studied in Rome, Florence and Venice. However, this blog is dedicated to the art of horror, so one may be wondering what I could possibly have to share with you on here. Well, despite seeking answers and pleasures in the nature of art, I was also curious about the literary developments that happened in the country as well. When I was in Rome, I had the pleasure of seeing various Tea Rooms where the Romantic writers would go to discuss and ponder their crafts; some tea rooms were even named after them, such as BYRON, and the Lovecraftian cafe MONT BLANC. I adored Rome for its religious nature and the way that it toyed with life and death in its art-- especially within the various renditions of the Last Judgment. Yet my fav