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Just Watched: Haunting of Winchester House

When I was flipping through Netflix the other day (my savior over Christmas break) I came upon this really cool looking movie, and I'll admit, decided to give it a go for two reasons: (1) I love haunted house movies, and (2) the cover looked really scary with its severed, broken doll head coming out of the ground. Now normally, I go into these movies expecting to be disappointed, which I won't lie, to an extent I was, but at the same time, I'm always drawn to them because they take a place in a setting that is supposed to be one's sanctuary and then turn it into a living nightmare. In the beginning, we are introduced to a family of three that are on their way to Winchester house for a few months stay.  Right off from the beginning, I could taste the tension when the mother was shown staring at an empty car seat, assuming that she had either recently lost a child or was thinking back to when her older daughter was a baby.  Once they got on the road, and could see the h